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We are featuring an awesome staff for the 10th anniversary of Swustlicious October 20-22nd, 2023!
Our social & knowledgeable professional staff is excited to share their knowledge in workshops & privates.  See bios below for more information.  Note: additional staff are being added -- more information coming soon!

Staff​ Bios

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Ben Morris:  (Emcee & Pro Instructor)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Ben to his 2nd Swustlicious! 

Both a Champion Lindy Hopper and a Champion West Coast Swing Dancer; Ben Morris began swing dancing at the age of 12 and is now a 2 time World Swing Dance Champion, 3 time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion, Spirit of Lindy Hop award winner, California Swing Dance Hall of Fame award winner, and a featured dancer in the movie Love N’ Dancing and the Leann Rimes Music Video “Swingin.”  He currently lives in Huntington Beach, California, running his weekly dance Swingin the Blues and teaching students during the week.  On the weekends Ben travels all over the world to teach, compete, mc, judge, and perform and is known for his fun dance style, infectious personality, and enjoyable workshops. Ben will also be offering a special  2 hour intensive (see the schedule for more info).  To reach Ben for private coaching, contact him at:

Dawn Garrish:  (Head Judge & Pro Instructor)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Dawn to her 2nd Swustlicious! We look forward to Dawn joining us as the Head Judge for Swustlicious. Dawn has been teaching dance for over 35 years. She started off in the Country Dance Scene and 6 years later was introduced to West Coast Swing. She has numerous Country World Titles to include being the first Master World Champion in 1990. She holds 7 US Open Swing Dance titles. In 1991 (her first time), she became the first to not only win the Showcase Division but also the Cabaret Division (Two Step). In 1992 she won the Champions Jack & Jill, 1993 Showcase and team division, 1992, 1994 & 1996. She has coached and choreographed for over 10 US Open Champions. She coached both her daughters (Alexis 22 & Taylor 17) to multiple World Titles. Daughter Alexis has won the US. Open in the Young Adult Division 3 times, and recently daughter Taylor won the US. Open Junior Jack & Jack Swing Division. She's been inducted her into the “Legends of Dance” (2015), the “Country Dance Hall of Fame” (2016), and “Swing Dance Hall of Fame” (2018). She has run a competitive Swing Dance team for the past 26 years. Two of her dancers have been inducted into the Living Legends and two of the couples have won US Open Masters Division Titles. For the last 15 years she can found as the Head Judge at Many NASDE and WSDC events. She lives in Mt Airy, MD and plans to teach dance the rest of her life!! To reach Dawn for private coaching, contact her on Facebook Messenger at "Dawn Blorstad Garrish."

Arjay Centeno: (Pro Instructor & Judge)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Arjay for his 1st Swustlicious!​  

Arjay's entire life has been dedicated to the exploration of art and music. For 17 years Arjay toured the world as a classical violinist before traveling the world as a dance professional. He studied music and also graduated with a degree in Art and Graphic Design, a passion he shares with his wife. Searching for more in music and the arts, Arjay pursued his hobby and love of dance and turned it into a successful career. There are not many dances Arjay doesn't know. He currently travels the world performing, teaching, choreographing, judging, mentoring dancers as well as deejaying and emceeing some of the biggest events in the world.  Arjay is an accomplished West Coast Swing Champion of Classic, Showcase, Jack and Jill, Teams and Strictly Swing Divisions. His most memorable accomplishments include winning Showcase at Grand Nationals, winning Classic at America’s Classic, winning Invitational Jack and Jill at Phoenix, winning Champions Strictly and Teams at the US Open. One of Arjay's most recent accomplishments is being awarded The Crystal Boot Award for Best Advanced Choreography for a line dance with world renowned line dance champion & choreographer Rachael McEnaney. To reach Arjay for private coaching, contact him at:

Erica Smith: (Pro Instructor & Judge)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Erica to her 1st Swustlicious!​

Erica is a versatile dancer from the Washington, D.C. area with extensive backgrounds in West Coast Swing, Hustle, Ballet and Salsa. Erica has been undefeated in the Professional Freestyle Hustle Division with partner Shay Dixon since 2017. Erica is a World Professional Triple Threat Champion (West Coast Swing, Salsa and Hustle), Professional Just Hustle Champion, Hustle Hall of Fame Inductee, and a US Open Strictly Hand Dance Champion. Erica is also a Champion West Coast Swing competitor and a long time Director of JT Swing Teams DC – a performance based West Coast Swing Team. Erica is passionate about sharing her love of dance with her students. As a 15 time Top Teacher recipient, Erica is a highly sought-after instructor. Erica travels to 15-20 competitions and workshop weekends per year as an invited instructor, judge, performer, and Master of Ceremonies. Erica is a brilliant dancer and teacher who leaves a lasting impression on her admiring audiences and students. To reach Erica for private coaching, contact her at:  

Gregory & Lemery Rollinscott: (Pro Instructors & Judges)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Greg & Lemery for their 3rd Swustlicious!​  

Greg and Lemery have over 35 years of dance experience combined, winning many dance titles individually along the way. Greg started in American Style Ballroom and competed in Country. He also has a background in ballet, jazz, and hip hop. Lemery competed in Ballroom, dancing International 10 Dance, and is also skilled in American Ballroom and Salsa.​  Together Greg and Lemery have become a successful West Coast Swing couple competing in Showcase since 2009. They are multiple time NASDE Tour Champions, Showcase Champions, and US Open Top 5 Champions. Their love and passion for West Coast Swing make them a sought after couple. They are known for their technical expertise and unique teaching style. They look forward to continuing to share their art and knowledge with the dance community worldwide. 

To reach them for coaching go to: or

Katie Fallon: (DJ)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Katie for her 10th Swustlicious! 

Katie Fallon is a Cleveland-based international DJ who specializes in West Coast Swing, Hustle, and other dance music for a variety of occasions. Since 2011, Katie has DJed around the U.S., Canada and Oslo, Norway. She specializes in DJing music for social dances and WCS competitions. Ultimately her goal is to adapt and provide unique, fun experiences for all. Katie aims to create a unique groove when DJing at social dances and to inspire dancers when DJing at competitions.​

Kelvin & Lori Ann Roche: (Pro Instructors & Judges)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Kelvin & Lori Ann back for their 7th Swustlicious! 
This couple has performed all over the world.  With their unique style of Latin and theatre arts, they have captured many titles. They have worked with numerous stars such as: Vanessa Williams, Conan O’Brien, Liza Minelli, and many more. Kelvin and Lori Ann have also worked on many movies, commercials, and television shows.  They appeared in the move “El Cantante” with Marc Anthony ad Jennifer Lopez, and the Disney movie “Enchanted” staring Patrick Dempsey, Susan Sarandon and Amy Adams.  They are 9-time World Hustle Champions.  To reach Kelvin & Lori Ann for private coaching, contact them at:

Lori Wahl Rousar:  (Pro Instructor & Judge)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Lori for her 10th Swustlicious!  

Lori began dancing and competing at country events in 1998. After a few years, she changed her focus from country to West Coast Swing and Hustle. Lori is currently a successful All-Star competitor and her passion for West Coast Swing has her traveling
across the country competing, teaching, and judging at several events. Through her playful styling, technique and musicality, Lori encourages others to apply their
own unique qualities to this dance. She truly enjoys the social aspect of dancing. Lori is the President of the Cleveland-Akron Swing & Hustle Club and the Event

Director for the C.A.S.H. BASH dance event in Twinsburg, Ohio, held every year on
Thanksgiving Weekend. To reach Lori for private coaching, contact her at:

Malia Jameson: (Pro Instructor & Judge)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Malia to her 1st Swustlicious! 

Malia began her passion for the stage and dance at the age of two where she started her formal training in classical ballet. She also began studying tap, jazz, contemporary and has a background in gymnastics. After spending her early years in the classical arts, she entered the scene of partner dancing to further explore other genres of dance. She began competing with a three-time Grand World Champion country dance troop in 1993. During her travels with the team, she was introduced to West Coast Swing and quickly fell in love with the versatility and style of this musically driven dance. She began competing in the Showcase division on the N.A.S.D.E. swing circuit while simultaneously competing with her team on the country circuit. In 2001 she began training, teaching and competing in American Ballroom and Latin. She hit the routine competition floor again in 2010, this time in the Classic Division after a long time hiatus from competitive routines. Malia followed up competing in the Sophisticated division taking 1st Place at the US Open Dance Championships in 2015. Malia made the transition to full time instructor in 2008. She has continued to assist in the growth of her local communities; first in her native California at Swingin’ the Blues, Atomic Ballroom and now in South Carolina where she regularly teaches for the Greenville Westies. Known for her smooth quality of movement and her sassy personality, Malia has traveled the globe sharing her love for West Coast Swing for almost 30 years. Born in Newport Beach, California where she spent the first half of her dance career, she recently relocated to Bluffton, South Carolina where she is a full time Fitness Instructor while still traveling the dance scene. She is excited to judge, teach, and dance with us at Swustlicious this year! To reach Malia for private coaching, schedule her at:

Molly McCabe: (DJ)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Molly for her 10th Swustlicious! 

Although Molly has been with us since the beginning, it's her fifth year in the DJ booth.  She also DJs monthly at Angela's "Second Saturday Social" at Pivot Ballroom in Ardmore, PA. In another role, she also ran a booth during her first five years at Swustlicious making bracelets, dance bags and more, raising over $10K for over a decade for breast cancer awareness for and Brenda's Benefit.   

Robert Cordoba: (Pro Instructor & Judge)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Robert back for his 9th Swustlicious! 

Robert Cordoba has been dancing, teaching, performing, choreographing and judging for over thirty years. He started competing in International Latin at the age of sixteen when he was a member of two U.S. International Latin American formation teams (placing 5th and taking the bronze medal at the World Ballroom Formation Team Championships). He was a top U.S. Amateur competitor representing the U.S. at events throughout the world until he switched to West Coast Swing in 1990. Within two years, he won his first U.S. Open title.  For the past twenty years Robert has averaged approximately forty weekends per year traveling around the world to teach West Coast Swing. His impressive list of accomplishments includes: 7 U.S. Open titles, 4 consecutive USA Grand National titles, 4 consecutive N.A.S.D.E. titles, multiple J&J and Strictly Swing titles, was voted best Classic Swing Dancer by Dance Action magazine, was awarded “U.S. Open Social Dancer," and he was the first person to win 3 consecutive US Open titles.  Robert is a member of the “Super 7″ – dancers who won BOTH the Showcase and the Classic Divisions at the U.S. Open. He is a California Swing Dance Hall of Famer, Dallas D.A.N.C.E. Hall of Famer, and a World Swing Dance Hall of Famer.  Robert Cordoba has judged every major event including the Grand Nationals and U.S. Open multiple times. He has been the head judge, MC and DJ at events throughout the Europe and the South Pacific. He is among the first group of professionals to help get the West Coast Swing scene started in New York; has been teaching throughout Europe since the late 90's (helping to establish WC Swing in Europe); and was one of the first Americans to introduce WC Swing to the South Pacific back in 2000. To reach Robert for private coaching, contact him at:

Ryan Dobbins:  (Pro Instructor, Judge)

Sparklage welcomes Ryan Dobbins back for his 5th Swustlicious!

​​Starting out having fun as a country line dancer, Ryan began to gravitate toward the couples on the sides of the dance floor and found a new interest. While he loves to dance multiple forms of partner dances, West Coast Swing and Hustle sparked a joy and drive that has not disappeared. ​A few years later these dances have him traveling, teaching, judging, and competing as an All-Star dancer. Ryan uses his connection, body movements, and fun style to create enjoyable moments in the dance. While he may have a witty and playful teaching style, Ryan uses his solid background in education to help him teach beginning or seasoned dancers to connect, feel, understand, and apply various techniques. Most importantly, he makes sure they have a memorable and fun time on the dance floor. To reach Ryan for private coaching, contact him at:

Toni Carroll: (DJ)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Toni to her 1st Swustlicious!

Toni met her husband 26 years ago while dancing, and together they fell in love with west coast swing. A few years later, the President of the local swing club asked Toni to DJ and, with his mentoring, she fell in love with playing music. Today, she DJs for two local WCS clubs in Columbus, Ohio and at JasonandSophy dance in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also plays for numerous local events and competitive events in the Midwest including; Swing City Chicago, Derby City Swing, Cincy Westie Bash, Ft. Wayne Dance for All, Swing Dance America, Michigan Classic, Indy Dance Explosion, Toronto Open Swing & Hustle Competition (TOSHC), Jammin’ in July, Chicagoland Dance Festival, Swingin’ Dance Party, Swing Pittsburgh, CASH Bash, Spotlight New Years Celebration, Meet me in St. Louis, Atlanta Swing Classic, and now Swustlicious. Her goal as a DJ is to play music for all dancers. There is such a wide variety of tastes and she wants to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, whether it is in a social or a competitive setting.

Wendy Beathard​: (DJ)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Wendy for her 4th Swustlicious!

Wendy DJs locally in Austin and all around Texas. Nationally Wendy has DJ'd at Austin Swing Dance Championships, Tulsa Spring Swing, Austin Rocks, Show Me Show Down, Lonestar Invitational Country Dance, and Swustlicious.  And she is excited to deejay at Swustlicious for the 4th time!

Nadege Lebert: (Photographer)

Sparklage Productions welcomes Nadedge for her 1st Swustlicious!

After seeing the photos posted from her first dance event, Nadege was inspired to bring her camera and try it herself at the next one. And the next one. And the next one. Self-taught, she strives to capture memories on and off the dance floor as well as the grace -- and humor - West Coast Swing embodies. Nadege is excited to experience her first time at Swustlicious!  (We will share a link to the photos after the event).

To reach Nadedge, go to:

Full album here:

John Greenstreet & Ann Bender: (Photographers)

Sparklage Productions welcomes John Greenstreet and Ann Bender to their 1st Swustlicious! John and Ann have been covering local dance events for over ten years and are widely known for their vibrant, action-oriented photos. (We will share a link to the photos after the event).
To reach John & Ann, contact them at:

Photography by John Greenstreet & Ann Bender: SW2023 Pix on Flickr

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