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About Us​


Sparklage Productions LLC is made up of Stephanie Risser and Angela McCabe.  Together as a team, we are committed to bringing the best dance experience to students, professionals and everyone who wants to have a great time!  We want to contribute to the West Coast Swing (WCS) and Hustle dance communities, specifically in PA & NC. We have been hosting local parties, weekend events, and team choreography over the last ten years. 

We especially love to foster the social aspect of the dancing, as well as a learning environment. Our 10th annual #Swustlicious event is October 20-22nd, 2023 and is a crossover event supporting both dances and communities.

We are proud members of these associations: 
World Swing Dance CouncilGPDIA, and National Fast Dance Association.


Please complete this form and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thanks for the inquiry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​


* Do I need to know both dances?

No, actually you don't. You can come and have fun with one dance. We play awesome crossover music that is suitable for both swing or hustle. Of course, we have the opportunity to learn or compete in both, but it is optional.
* When is the deadline for the discounted hotel rooms?

You can book the discounted room rate thru 10/1 if there is availability. If we need to add more rooms to the block again, we might be able to, so please ask if you do not see any available. If you change your mind and are not able to come, please let us know as someone else may be able to use your room. Please send a note to Hotel info at:

* How do the table reservations work?

We have seating for groups of 8-10 people. There is no charge. Ask to join one of the existing tables or contact us to see if we can set one up for your group. You are also welcome to use the open seating.

* Is there still a health/vaccination policy?

No.  For the 2023 event, there is no vaccination or testing requirement.  Masks are optional based on personal preference.

* Feel free to reach out with other questions at


Map / Directions

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